Alternative Things To Do In Belmopan

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A fantastic destination

Belmopan, the capital city of Belize which is a small country located in southeast Central America, is an exciting destination featuring breathtaking scenery, astounding architecture, archaeological wonders and vibrant nightlife. For a travel experience that is simply unforgettable, book a flight, find a hotel, get some single trip insurance and visit the fabulous city of Belmopan. Smaller than the old capital of Belize City, Belmopan still has something to offer everyone and is a wonderful choice for a Central American holiday destination.


Exploring the city

The city itself is an architectural masterpiece with both the Market Square and the adjoining Independence Plaza featuring many sculptures and extraordinary buildings such as the National Assembly Building which was designed to resemble a Mayan temple. During the day there are various markets to visit where tourists can pick up a bargain and haggle with the locals and when the sun goes down there are many fantastic bars, restaurants and nightclubs situated on the outskirts of the city.

Exciting festivities

For a taste of Belizean culture, visit the city in May when the Belmopan National Agriculture and Trade Show is held. With a wide selection of market stalls selling authentic cuisine and traditional wares, Belizean and Central American exhibits, eating contests, musical performances, award presentations, a rodeo and a funfair, this spectacular cultural event is free to attend and makes for a wonderful day out.

Natural and archaeological wonders

With breathtaking views of the Mountain Pine Ridge mountains and many action-packed excursions to embark upon, Belmopan is the place to go for thrill-seekers. Only a short distance from the Hummingbird Highway which winds its way through jungles and mountain ranges with many archaeological sites to visit along the way, Belmopan is an ideal starting point for a road trip. Guanacaste National Park is also located close to Belmopan and consists of 50 acres of tropical rainforest which is home to a plethora of mammals, reptiles, insects, birds and plant life. There are miles of well-maintained trails to explore, a gift shop, an education and conservation centre and an observation deck that overlooks the river, making a visit to Guanacaste National Park an absolute must. Various opportunities to scuba-dive and go cave-tubing can also be found in and around Belmopan.

For a Central American adventure unlike any other, travel to Belmopan in Belize and experience the natural wonders and traditional way of life that can be found here. There are many cheap flights available online and there are plenty of hotels and hostels to choose from which are located right in the centre of the city. No matter what your travel preferences are, a visit to Belmopan is sure to be both enjoyable and memorable.