Alternative Things To Do In Belmopan

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A fantastic destination Belmopan, the capital city of Belize which is a small country located in southeast Central America, is an exciting destination featuring breathtaking scenery, astounding architecture, archaeological wonders and vibrant nightlife. For a travel experience that is simply … Continued

Eco-Immersion in Belize

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Even seasoned world travelers have overlooked this wonderful country in their search for “off the beaten path” travel destinations. Adventure travel in Belize offers wonderful opportunities for families, students, and teachers seeking to go beyond a typical vacation and take … Continued

The Top 2014 Belize Attractions

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Located in Central America, Belize may very well be one of the most naturally attractive and inviting countries in the world. Offering pristine beaches, interesting cultural attractions and a temperate climate that is certain to leave a lasting impression, countless … Continued

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