Belize: Essential Travel Tips

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Belize is one of the best places for you to go on a holiday this year, thousands of tourists flock there year after year. There is a reason for it being so popular, it is amazing! The weather, the beaches, the food and the friendly locals all mixed together make an ideal holiday destination. If you are thinking about a holiday to Belize check out Travelbag for some crazy travel deals, if you see one of their special offers I advise you to snap it up straight away, it’s always a great feeling knowing that you are getting a great holiday at a great price! It is pretty much guaranteed that you will have a great time if you jet off to Belize, but just to make sure that you are extra prepared before you leave I have put together some great travel tips for you. Having a little bit of knowledge about the place you are going to be visiting is essential because you want to get the most out of your time away.

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When to visit

The peak season in Belize is usually during the months of November to May, this ties in with when the winter comes to the Northern Hemisphere countries. Of course this is a great time to get away from the horrible weather back home but it is not necessarily the only time to visit Belize. There are a large number of people that enjoy visiting Belize during the summer months, June through to October. Depending on your budget you may choose different times to visit, some months are obviously cheaper than others so look at the prices for each month, if you travel during the peak season you are sure to pick up an amazing deal!

What to wear

You don’t need to travel with your glad rags and dinner jacket to Belize, it is such a relaxed and informal place that you can relax. It’s probably the best thing about the place, the laid back casual approach to life is perfect for a holiday. So, leave all of the expensive things at home, you don’t need that Armani watch or designer shows, you will probably doing a lot of activities so bring along a cheap watch and shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. It’s a good idea to bring some light clothing because the weather will be very hot. Cotton is always a good choice for trousers and lightweight shirts are perfect. Of course, pack my favourite item – flip flops, you are going to be wearing them everyday!


The currency in Belize is the dollar, it is usually 2 Belize dollars to 1 US dollar. If you have US dollars then you will be able to spend them on your holiday, every place that I visited accepted US dollars. Some of the smaller, family run, businesses to not have the resources to take credit card payments so make sure that you always have some cash to hand or even some traveller cheques. When visiting remote villages you will of course not be abel to pay with your credit card, you will only be able to us cash. Remember to bring small notes, you may not be able to get change for a 100 dollar bill in small places.

I hope theses tips help you on your visit, the locals are so friendly that I am sure they will help you out if ever you get stuck. I love this place and I know that you will too!

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