Essential checklist to help you hire a camper van

When you hire a camper van you must remember that it is a big decision that you are making, it can make or break your holiday because it will be where you will spend a lot of your time travelling and sleeping. If you are heading over to New Zealand then it is the best option for your holiday, you know that you will be choosing the best way to see the vast country and take in the beautiful landscapes. In my opinion, travelling by camper van is the best fun you can have on a holiday, it’s also great for travelling on a budget which I love! This campervan hire company in New Zealand is always popular and for good reason, so make sure you book in advance!


Here are some things to check when you make your booking, it’s important to check everything on the list below to make sure you have the perfect holiday with your family or friends:

What’s included?

The camper van industry in New Zealand is very refined and they know what their customers are looking for, so you will nearly always get everything included with the package you choose for rental. I have heard from many friends that Campervan hire Auckland is great for getting everything you need in your rental package. You should always check to see if these items are included in your rental deal:

– All the linen etc – this will be the sheets, towels, the pillows, the pillow cases and probably sleeping bags.

– Kitchen utensils – You shouldn’t have to pack up your kitchen when leaving home and you won’t need to. Make sure that cutlery, crockery, glasses are all included, you will need these so that you can whip up a feast when you are out on the open road.

– Table and chairs – when you pull up for the night, whether it is on the side of the road or in a camp site, you will need to have some where to sit and also eat. In some cases there is an extra charge for this, but bring out the inner trader in yourself and try to get them included in the deal.

– Child seats/boosters – obviously these are only essential when you are travelling with kids. A huge number of families choose to hit camper vans these days so all companies have them available to hire, they may even be included in the price (again try to get them for free if you can). Remember that it’s not a one size fits all with child seats, make sure that you tell them the age and weight of your kids, this way they will be able to check their list and see what is available for you, if the equipment is already booked it will give them enough time to find some for you.