Preventing Ebola and Other Diseases Whilst Travelling

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5Travelling is an amazing experience that should be experienced by all, there is a certain kind of freedom that comes with going to a new, exciting and unexplored place; the old adage that the world is your oyster rings true when you travel. You can do as you please and immerse yourself in things that you would not normally experience in the comfort of your own country, town or city and this is one of the most amazing examples of freedom that one can experience in life, but the last thing you want when you travel is to be struck down by an illness that could ruin your travel plans, read on to find about how to prevent getting ill whilst travelling.

Be Prepared

The first step in travelling to a new place is to consider the health risks of that particular place or surrounding areas, for example tropical areas are often at risk of malaria and you may need to get a shot to prevent contracting the disease.

In some places there are sometimes outbreaks of diseases and this can certainly pose a high risk on your health if you decide to travel these places, it is important do your research and make sure you understand the risks about the place you are going to. Ebola is another consideration that has come up recently, particularly in West Africa, in some cases it may be best to avoid the area entirely until the issues with the disease subside or until more is known about how to treat it effectively. Diseases like Ebola can cause a serious risk to your life, if you also want to help to combat this disease for people and your fellow travelers you can UNICEF’s Ebola appeal or another charity.

Food and Drink

Eating properly and staying hydrated are two of the most important things that you can do whilst travelling. Travelling can make it extremely difficult to eat properly, particularly in situations where you move around frequently and are not familiar with where to get certain types of food. The other problem could be that too much food is available.

Hydration is paramount because if you are on holiday it is more likely that you will be in a completely different climate and may need to drink more water, particularly in places with a hotter climate.