Reasons To Take A Private Car in New York

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Taking a private car in New York City is a great way to get around and is very convenient. I really like to get one from the airport every time I go there, because to put it quite simply it is just a much better experience. I thought I should make this guide to tell you some of the reasons that I love a private car service in the Big Apple.


Hands down, a private car is about 10 times more comfortable than a taxi or other form of public transport. Not only this, but you don’t have to share it with anybody. I think this is really great, because if you have ever taken the New York subway, a bus or a taxi you will know that it isn’t exactly a pleasant experience. I can relax, check my emails and by the time I get to my hotel I am ready to get out and about I don’t even need to settle into my room!


I love that when I exit the airport everyone is stuck there, just waiting for a bus, taxi or the subway. Meanwhile I am halfway to the city and feeling great. I love that it is a personalised service where I meet with my driver, jump in the car and nothing more is said.

Insider knowledge

As part of the package, your driver is going to know some of the best spots to get a drink or get a bite to eat. I love to see what they say to me each time, because I am always discovering something new as a result in New York. The information that your driver can be absolutely priceless and worth more than the cost of paying for the private car itself! It never hurts to ask, so I would recommend doing this the next time you take a private car.

The price is the price

One thing I love about a private car service is that the nitty gritty of negotiating is all done before you even get in the car. I love this because there is nobody trying to rip you off at the point of sale. The best thing here is that your driver knows this and there is no need for him to take the long way to squeeze money out of you, the price is the price and that is that.