Stay In A Cosy Wilderness Log Cabin In Lapland

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Visiting Lapland is a real treat for all the family. You will experience the true meaning of a white christmas, you can visit Santa in his village, watch the Northern Lights, ride on a sled pulled by reindeers and build snowmen. Thousands flock to Lapland every year, mostly families with children living out their christmas dreams. One way you can make the trip even more magical is by staying in a cosy log cabin during your time in Lapland. There are an abundance on offer, you should shop around to find the best deals available, check out places like this website if you want to find the most suitable accommodation for you and your family. Hotels will not be able to offer you the unique feeling that you get in a log cabin, it really is special when your family is sat in front of a fire after a long day out exploring everything that lapland has to offer.

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The amazing log cabins can be seen dotted around the whole area, they are a fantastic addition to the lapland scenery. Now, in the past you would imagine that a log cabin could be a basic cabin, a place that might get a little chilly at night and may be rather uncomfortable. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Log cabins come in all different sizes and are in various locations, all of them are beautiful constructed and have a wealth of amenities inside. They are all constructed in the traditional Finnish style, using matured pine-tree logs that are then stacked on top of one another.

When selecting your cabin you should make sure that you are close to the sites you want to see or within walking distance of some transport that you can use. If you are going to be skiing in Finnish Lapland then make sure that your cabin is located close by to a ski bus stop. If you like to get out and explore, then check to see if you can have a cabin that is within easy reach of the closest resort center. Always take out a map and check the locations of the cabins that have made your shortlist, then check to see where you are in relation to all of the activities you have planned to do on your holiday, if in doubt then just pick up the phone or send an email to the tour company.


In your cabin you can expect to find the following (obviously there may be more if you are choosing to stay in one of the high end cabins); Kitchen, living area, double bedroom/twin room, shower, toilet, and in some places you will be lucky enough to get a sauna as well. Again, you should check on the relevant website to see that they have all of the amenities you require, if you are travelling with young children or babies then make sure that they have cots and other necessary equipment available for use.

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