The top 5 places you must visit down under

When you are heading out to Australia for your holiday it is always difficult to make a short list of the best places to visit. Everyone has a different idea, a favourite place and their favoured route to travel. I’m sure that people will have different lists from the top 5 below, but one thing is for sure, the majority of this list will appear everywhere! The list has been drawn up so it chooses places across Australia. So, whether you are looking for one place to visit or are going on a grand tour of Australia, I’m certain this list will help. australia_ct_australia_ayersrock


Northern Territory. If you are planning to visit Australia then you have to visit Uluru, if you don’t you will regret it! Here you will be able to see Ayers rock, people think that they will just give it a miss because it’s only a rock. Well, once they have visited one of the most famous sites in the country they soon change their minds!

The Grampians National Park

Victoria. This park is a must, it’s size and beauty continues to wow both tourists and locals. It is a whopping 1,672 squared KM. To find the park is easy, it’s 175 KM north or Warrnambool which is officially the end of the Great Ocean Road. Once at the park you can go on any number of fantastic hikes or visit one of the most amazing Indigenous rock art sites the country has to offer.

The Great Ocean Road

Victoria. This is probably the best scenic drive that you will ever take, it is (in my opinion) the best drive in the world! It takes you a whole day to drive down this windy narrow road, it’s a single lane affair, it is only 243 KM long but you will definitely need the whole day. You will be driving along the coastline, the journey allows you to take in the magnificent views of the ocean, the cliffs and also rain forests. Another reason to take this road is because you make a pit stop along the way, you will be able to choose from hitting the beach, hiking or visiting one of the small townships.

The Great Barrier Reef

Queensland. This is one of those tourist sites that absolutely everyone knows about, but don’t let that put you off. It is one of the main reasons why a lot of people choose to go to Australia. The reef stretches for an amazing 2,300 KM, here you will find an array of the world’s rarest, most endangered animal and plant species. There are plenty of options for where to visit the reef, personally I prefer the Whitsunday Islands – yes, they are busy but they are absolutely stunning! Don’t forget to get your scuba gear on and see the reef from a different angle.

Byron Bay

New South Wales. Byron bay is one of the most popular destinations in the whole country, not only is it popular with tourists, it is also one of the favourite hotspots for Australians when they holiday. All year round there is something happening at Byron Bay, there are often music festivals going on with some great international talent. It is hard not to add this to the list, it’s a beautiful place, perfect beaches, fantastic weather, surfing and scuba diving can be done there also. Of course, it is a major tourist hub so be prepared for it to be busy and full of backpackers making there way around Australia.  

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