The Top Spanish Dishes to Experience in Lanzarote This Year

Lanzarote is a beautiful island in the Atlantic Ocean, and also one of the many Canary Islands. Although the majority of the inhabitants are Spanish, the population is truly diverse, with a number of English, and other European settlers living here. Lanzarote offers spectacular beaches surrounded by blue pristine waters, and combined with the amazing geographical features located all across the island, Lanzarote is one of the most popular holidaying destinations in the world.

One of the best things about Lanzarote is its climate, and tourists are able to visit during anytime of the year! Attractions are also open all year round too, however one of the best forms of entertainment here is the local cuisine and restaurants. Serving authentic and indigenous Spanish foods that are made using locally obtained ingredients, there are a number of top dishes that you simply can’t afford to miss out on when visiting Lanzarote this year, so let’s take a look at some of them.

Papas Arrugadas

This is one of the traditional foods in Lanzarote, and the dish is made mainly from potatoes. These appear wrinkly when served since they are boiled in seawater, and they are quite tasty as well as being an excellent choice for vegetarians. Not only is Papas Arrugasas a healthy dish since it is not made using any oil or fat, but the potatoes are served with mojo, which is a traditional sauce made locally too! There are two kinds of mojo; mojo verde (green mojo) and mojo rojo (red mojo). The green sauce is the best choice for people who can’t handle a lot of spice, and the red sauce is made using chilies, meaning it’s quite hot.

Pescado a la sal

If you love eating fish, then you are going to enjoy your experience in Lanzarote. Fish is one of the main meals served here, and the most popular fish dish is the Pescado a la sal – simply, fish baked in salt. Due to its popularity, it has become quite famous in a number of other European countries, however there’s nothing like trying this dish in Lanzarote. The fish is baked in an oven, with the aromas of the sea salt flowing through the meat, resulting in perfectly cooked dish. The dish is often served with fresh vegetables.

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Gambas al Aljilillo

This is a dish made with prawns and a lot of garlic, which is a popular ingredient in Spanish foods. Not only does it offer a lot of flavour, but the aroma is quite inviting too. Gambas al Alijilillo is made using finely chopped chilies, which are fried with the garlic in hot oil, and then the mixture is poured into the dishes. The prawns are added right at the very end, and then the dish is served! The prawns will still cook in the heat of the chilies and garlic, and they’ll be ready to eat by the time the dish gets from the kitchen to the table. Usually served with bread, this dish is a must-try when holidaying in Lanzarote.