Vacationing by the Golden Gates

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Many Americans see the city of San Francisco as one of the most beautiful locations in the continental United States and an ESTA Visa can take you there. The historic locations found within this gorgeous city keep people coming back year after year. The city is located in the wonderful state of California, and is one of the states favorite locals. This location has a rich history ranging from the famous gold rush, to civil rights, and offers numerous museums dedicated to each era in American history.


Cross the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, one of the seven wonders of the modern world. The bridge was built in 1937, and stretches an impressive 1.7 miles in length. The iconic image of the bridge brings to mind the true Majesty of the United States. Two main cables both stretch the length of the structure and are more than seven thousand feet in length. This is a wonderful example of human ingenuity at its best, as it was built in the year 1937, without the aid of modern construction techniques. The towering spires of the bridge sit gracefully over the choppy waters of the San Francisco Bay.


While you are out in this direction, its a must to make a stop by Alcatraz Island, otherwise known as “the rock.” You can see Alcatraz as it sits in the San Francisco Bay, and once housed some of the most notorious criminals the United States has ever seen. Notary crime bosses such as Al Capone, and George Kelly, once called this prison home because of their dark deeds. You can view  haunted tours of the island are given daily, as some say the ghosts of previous inmates still walk the corridors looking for a way out. The prison was thought to be impenetrable, but in 1962 a group of three men constructed a homemade life raft out of duct tape, and attempted to navigate the rough waters of the San Francisco Bay. These men were never seen, nor heard from again.


Through ESTA, San Francisco offers visitors and tourists many more opportunities to be a part of the American landscape. While in town, avoid the walk by boarding one of the fabled cable cars that stretch the city. Sit down for some of the best seafood you will ever experience at Fisherman’s Wharf, and afterward peruse the hills of the city to Alamo Square. Here you can visit a set of iconic Victorian homes known as the “Painted Ladies.” The multicolored houses are a sight that will be forgotten by no one to visit them. Come to the city of San Francisco, and allow yourself the vacation of your dreams.

Our next stop in the USA is Colorado. We’re heading there in an RV after booking our space in several RV parks in Colorado Springs. Look out for the article coming soon!